Are you thinking of giving up? Why? Is it because you see other becoming successful and you aren’t? This video on Time, Hard time and Timezone will give you Thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t give up.

Hard time

Devil will bring all sorts of temptations especially in time of hardship. Our Lord Jesus Christ also passed the test of Hard time and hunger – Matthew 4:1-11. Moreover, his death on the cross is an example of hard time – Matthew 27:32-56.

In times of tribulation, the word of God is the best encourager – Isaiah 40:31 but however, watching this video clip will open your sense to the fact that time do change, everybody has his or her timezone.

Living a life that tally with the principles of Christ can also help to overcome all difficulties of time. Good financial planning is also a must. Therefore, it is a must to minimize cost and live a cheap but healthy lifestyle.

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One Reply to “A unique Video to encourage you through Hard Time and difficulties”

  1. Nice and Inspiring video.
    Didn’t want it to end.
    In fact, the video has covered everything.

    Everyone has time to achieve what he or she wants to. No one is left behind, so therefore we all have to fight and never give up.

    Ones more, thanks for this inspiring video.

    Sylvester Chidi?

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