When you ask almost everyone that “who is the strongest man that ever lived?” Am nothing less than  80% sure that the answer you will get is nothing but Samson.

For this reason I will like to highlight top 10 facts about the world’s strongest man – Samson.

    1. His parents are barren: Samson’s parent has been looking unto God for a child. However, they never stopped believing until God came at the right time and Change their story.                                                         Angel foretold Samson's Birth
    2. An angel Foretold his birth and mission on earth: when it’s God’s time to answer the prayer of Samson’s parent an Angel came to them and told them. Lo and behold! They believed not at first.
    3. He is purposed to be a Nazirite: meaning a person who suppose to live an holy lifestyle. A Nazirite should not take strong drinks nor cut his hair.
    4. His wife was given to his best man: Samson wife have to cry for seven good days before she could reveal the meaning of the parable he told the Palestinians. The Palestinians threatened to destroy her family if she didn’t make him to reveal the meaning to them. This make the wife’s Father thought she hated her.      Samson torn a lion
    5. He torn a lion with his bear hand: as powerful as a Lion is, he torn it with his bear hand.                                Samson killed 1000 people with a donkey jaw
    6. Killed 1000 people with the jaw of a donkey: what a powerful man! Even with a gun one would find it difficult to kill a thousand of people not to talk of an ordinary bone.Samson bonded by Palestine
    7. He was deceived: the Palestinians has been wanting to arrest him for a long time. However, all their attempts failed. They had to bribe his wife to force him to tell them her his source of power. Samson told her and he was caught, bonded and imprisoned.
    8. He was blinded and shaved by the Philistines: as a Nazirite Samson should never be barbed, when he was deceived by Delilah. The Palestinian caught him and shaved him. They also removed his eyes.
    9. The spirit of God left him: Samson as a Nazirite always have the spirit of God in him, but when he was shaved he became powerless and God’s spirit left him.Samson killed more people at death
    10. He killed more people at his death than during his lifetime. Samson prayed for the spirit of God one more time, and God pitied him, and gave him. He killed all the Palestinian in the hall during their festival.

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