My grandma once tell me a story that i will like you to learn from. This story teaches that one should always appreciate any gift one receives, no matter how small it may be.Old poor beggar

The story goes thus, there was a very poor old beggar and a rich man. This poor beggar always sit by the road side to ask for alms.

Man in a car

Anytime the rich man drives by, the rich man always feel bad about the condition of the old man. He started thinking of what he can do for him to turn his life around. He wanted to do this in a way people around (other beggars) won’t be aware of what he has done. Bread

After days of thinking, the rich man finally find a way to give his alms secretly. He bought a big loaf of bread and slice it into to two equal parts. He removed the inner part carefully and put a lot of money (about $10,000) in it. He packaged it smoothly and plans to give the old man the next day.Man in a car

The next day is here, the man drove to where he usually see the old man. He handed over the loaf of bread to him, and drives off.

Old poor beggar

Angrily, the old man thinks in his heart: “as rich as this man is, so he can only afford to give me a $3 bread. Why didn’t he give me $5 note instead?”. The old man resolves to sell the bread off at $2 to a neighbor, which he did.

The neighbor opened the bread and found out that the bread contains money. He kept mute, and quickly packed the cash. The neighbor never told the old poor man that he saw any money.

Gift of money

The next day, the rich man passes by, he was surprised to see that the old beggar is still by the road side, despite the huge amount of money he was given. He then decided to give him another bread loaded with more cash ($20,000).

The old man did the way he did the first time. He sold the bread to his neighbor and went his way. The neighbor opened the bread and saw  the cash, he felt like he has won a jackpot. He kept mute like the first time.

As usual, the rich man passes by again! He is extremely annoyed to see the old man still begging by the road side. He decided to load another bread with more cash. This time around, it was loaded with $50,000.

The old poor man: who is not happy about how the man kept giving him bread sold it to his neighbor. The neighbor didn’t tell him anything as usual.

When the rich man passes by the next day again, he is more than angry to see the old man  still begging. He decided to ask him “old man, why are you still here despite how much I have done for you?”. Angrily, in reply to the rich man’s question, he said “what have you  done for me, is it the worthless bread you gave me that gives you the audacity to challenge me to why I am still here?”.

Regret and sad

The rich man answered, “so a total of $80,000 is not enough to liberate you from poverty?”. The old man was surprised to hear that, he said ” $80,000? Is that how much 3 loaves of bread worth?”. The rich man answered “yes! because everytime I put money in the loaf. And I have done it thrice. I know you don’t eat the bread but sell it off. That’s why you are still poor”.

The old man was amazed, he rushed to his neighbor but sadly the neighbor had relocated to an unknown destination.

Moral Lesson

  1. Always appreciate any gift you are given no mater how small it may be.
  2. God’s gift for us is Jesus Christ his only son, don’t trade it with little thing of no value with the devil.

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