What is God’s Grace?

God's grace by holy spirit

God’s grace means HIS Favour Without Your Labour. GOD’S GRACE for you means Your Promotion Without Any Qualification. When GOD’S GRACE speaks, Protocols Are Suspended. If you doubt me, read up on Esther, the young orphan maiden who became a Queen.Peter works as a fisherman

When GOD’S GRACE speaks, Laws Are Broken. If you doubt me, read up on David, the poor shepherd boy who became King David of Israel, and a man after GOD’s own heart. When GOD’S GRACE speaks, Educational Qualifications Are Useless. If you doubt me, read up on Peter, who went from fisherman to disciple then apostle of Jesus Christ, who is Lord.

When GOD’S GRACE Speaks, Connections Are Needless. If you doubt me, read up on Joseph, who went from prison to become Prime Minister of Egypt. Now the GRACE of GOD will speak on your behalf and continue to Speak For You Throughout This Glorious Year AMEN!

God’s Grace For you

Gift of God's grace

GOD LOOKS into the future AND SEES the Destiny He has created for YOU. If your miracle hasn’t come through by yet, take heart, HIS Favour is for life, and Blessings are on the way.Am praising God with my Thanksgiving

Isaiah 61:3 speaks of “…the Oil of Gladness instead of mourning, a Crown of Beauty instead of ashes, a Garment of Praise instead of a spirit of heaviness.” Some are letting circumstances weigh them down, But Today, by HIS GRACE, as GOD is breathing New Life into your spirit, the sadness is leaving and Gladness Is Entering. Each Day We Live Is a Gift From GOD – Give Thanks to GOD for Each Day and REJOICE IN IT AND BE GLAD!

PrayerPraise God and pray to him

Pray: Dear God, Abba Father, I ask, with thanksgiving to You and in my Lord Jesus Mighty Name, to Connect me to my divine connections, to my Destiny Helpers.

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