It has become the custom of many Churches and Christians to organize funeral for the dead. This include praying for the forgiveness of sins for the dead.

Graveyard home of the dead

One popular statement at funerals people do utter is “may his/her soul rest in perfect peace”.

Although, I am not against the custom of praying for the dead ones. However, what effect does this have? I believe since every man have to suffer for his or her sin afterlife.

Some fake pastors and prophets now teaches reincarnation and the need for one to pray for the deceased, to guarantee a good afterlife experience.

Home of the dead

Sadly, all this doctrines are fake and are contrary to the original word of God. It is clearly written in Hebrew 9:27 that “…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”.

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From one of the parables and stories of our Lord Jesus in Luke 16:19-31. One can clearly picture what happen after death. No one will ever be forgiven after death.

Although, one can weep for a deceased one. Jesus Christ who is our Role model wept for his beloved friend Lazarus, when he heard he has died. Read John 11:35.

This is certainly my own view on the point of praying for the deceased one. You may argue in the comment box below with sound biblical evidence, since no one is an island of knowledge.

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