This is to inform all our beloved readers that Messiahblog has updated its community standard as of 6th of August, 2017. Therefore, we will like to state our standard and rules in a simple everyday language.

  1. Messiahblog isn’t affiliated to any church, neither are we a church. We represent a Christian community, preaching the true word of God as of old.
  2. Messiahblog will not endorse nor recommend a particular church for its reader (except Ads by third party agents). Moreover, any information, advice or recommendation not published by the recognized bloggers and workers of our site is considered not genuine.
  3. All our posts and contents will be written in a way that will not tarnish the image of Christianity.
  4. Posts submitted that are not up to 300 words, poorly written or go against the biblical standard (as we believe) will be removed without any notification.
  5. Messiahblog has the right to remove any content with or without notification.
  6. Posts published do not necessary represent the view of Messiahblog nor that of the Author.
  7. Users with malicious behavior can be blocked by anti spam software without warning. Therefore, We don’t allow spam on our site.
  8. We won’t send unsolicited messages to your mailbox, we advice all users who want to stop receiving a time to time updates from us, to follow the unsubscribe link in the we message sent.
  9. Messiahblog can accept donation from users who wish to help the community. However, we advice users to be sure that the fund is going into our account not that of an unsolicited person.
  10. We reserve the right to change or update this standard any time without or with notification.

Thanks for reading and understanding! We hope to add more soon. You can read Our privacy policy page on how we use the datas we collect.

Updated 6th of August, 2017 by the Admin