Not too long after the resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. King Herod stretched forth his ‘oppressing hands’ to destroy some of the disciples (Act 12:1).

Mighty hand

The word “oppress” literally means to press down on (someone) with harmful effects. From the definition of the word “oppress” one can clearly deduce that oppressing hands means the cause or source of oppression.

Before i dig deeper into the meaning of the oppressing hands of the mighty one. I will like to let you know i got the post through inspiration. It happened that: I was inspired yesterday morning, while doing some house chores to write on mighty hands.

Mighty hands are hands with powers capable of doing extraordinary things. The hand of God is as mightily as no other. However, God gave some people too the opportunity to have mighty hands.

Strong man with powerful hand

People with mighty hands includes Kings, Presidents, Governors etc. They can use it to either to oppress, suppress, depress or do whatever they wish. In the spiritual realm, we wage war against powers and principalities because they have mighty hands.Stomach ache poison vomit

Some of the many effects of oppressing hands are, death, sorrow, calamity, bitterness and sickness. When one is being oppressed, one will find it difficult to excel spiritually and physically.

How to shake off oppressing hands.

Oppressing hands can only be shaken off only by God’s Mercy, and God’s Mercy can be invoked by prayer. Therefore, one needs to be fervent in prayer and live a life of holiness to overpower the hands of oppression.Hallelujah

Confession to overpower the mighty hands of oppression.

Confession 0005AA/MB

Oh Lord God, I thank you for giving me the unique privilege to be alive today. I give you all the glory for giving me the opportunity to learn about the mighty hands of oppression today, and that it can only be overpowered through your Mercy.Regret and sad

I learned that sin can cause oppressions, therefore, i ask for the forgiveness of sins. Oh Lord, forgive me In Jesus name.

Lord Jesus has cut off every hand of oppression in my life through his blood shed on Calvary in Jesus name.

The mighty men has become powerless over me in Jesus name.

Every damages that has been caused by oppression has been reversed in Jesus name.Broken bondages

God has gone into my generation, to and fro, from my the beginning to the end, and has destroyed every hands of oppression in Jesus name.

I shall no more be called the oppressed in Jesus name. I am liberated in Jesus name!

I believe this has started manifesting in your life both spiritually and physically in Jesus name!

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