The Bible clearly state it in Deuteronomy chapter 34 verse 10 that “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses…”. From this verse one can certainly say Moses is the greatest prophet of all time.

However, a contrary statement is uttered by Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter 11 verse 11 stating another prophet as greater than Moses. The prophet stated is no one other than the assassinated John the Baptist.

Futhermore, according to the verse, not only that John the Baptist is the greatest among the prophets but among all those born of woman. Quoted from the verse “Verily, I say unto you, among those born of woman there has risen not risen a greater prophet than John the Baptist…”.

From a human point of view, God used Moses to wield extraordinary miracles. Therefore, I don’t think being great is by amount of miracles perform.

In conclusion, there is no argument that John the Baptist is greater than Moses since he is the greatest of all prophets. Assuming this statement is from any other person than Jesus Christ there could be a debate on why.

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