What motivated us to launch the Empowerment scheme

The rate of unemployment is currently on the rise in our country. According to the statistics released by tradingeconomics.com, the rate of unemployment has risen to 14.2% this year from 8.2% in 2010.

Likewise, there is a surge in cyber-crime in Nigeria. Dailypost.ng also reported that “Nigeria losses 127 billion Naira yearly to cybercrimes”. This has resulted to Nigeria being labelled as a “high risk country’.

What is the Government doing about Cybercrimes?

The government agencies in charge of cybercrime and other financial related issues has tried their best to lower the rate of offenses committed by internet users in our country. However, from statistics i can prove that their effort is fruitless.

Most of the youths arrested in course of internet scam, has confessed that they engaged in this actions due to financial problems. Unfortunately, only few of them are aware that the internet can be used for something gainful apart from scamming.

Evidence that you can make it online

As we all know, We are now in a technological age where everything is revolving digitally. People are becoming online billionaires by engaging in legal and profitable businesses. Another thing the internet can do is that, “it enables you to connect with people who needs what you have and people who have what you needs”.

What if i tell you that “you can be richer than Dangote by using the internet in the right way” would you believe? Yes, you can be far better! people like Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba.com), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of google.com) and our very own Linda Ikeji (owner of lindaikejisblog.com) all became a billionaire through the use of internet.

My believe for you

I believe and i want you to believe that, “Cybercrime is not a solution to unemployment and poverty”. Instead of making the wrong use of internet, you can use it to innovate something that can change people’s live positively.

Solution to Cybercrimes

“Internet itself is the only solution to cybercrime”, and therefore, we the youths should think deeper and start making a difference to impact the life of the upcoming generations. I know people who earn over $500 per month on fiverr.com freelancing, web design and investment in cryptocurrencies, even most of the so called ‘Yahoo boys don’t earn half of that in month”.

Who am I?

I know for sure that you would like to know the person addressing you since, i am Oyeniyi Abiola Peace, the CEO and founder of messiahblog.com. I am motivated to help millions of Nigerian youths to realize how to use the internet positively.

More Statistics

Currently, in Nigeria we have a population of two hundred million (200,000,000). Whereas, most of this populations are youth. From this very fact, it is crystal clear that Nigeria has a large labor force.

Our Plans

Therefore, we at messiahblog.com are ready to help two thousand five hundred Nigerians to set up their online career with the necessary facilities needed. We are launching our first ever Youth empowerment scheme and we want every youth to participate in it.

We are going to focus majorly on how you can start your online career, and some top benefitting things you can do online. Below are some list of what we have planned to deliberate on.

  1. Blogging
  2. Web design
  3.  Freelancing
  4.  Digital (Internet/ social media) marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin)
  7.  Search engine optimizing
  8.  Referral marketing
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Hosting reselling
  11. Computer Networking
  12. MLM networking
  13. Fundraising an idea or project
  14. Programming
  15. Ecommerce
  16. Selling Photographs online
  17. Bug bounty for ethical hackers
  18. Domain reselling
  19. Vblogging
  20.  Channel monetization for YouTube
  21. Online comedy & drama
  22. Online Education website, and many more

Those Elligible for the program and Location

This program is for all youths without any discrimination of either religion, race or tribe. It is for all youths who are ready to change their generation and become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Currently, we haven’t decided on the Location of the programs but we are certainly going to announce it as soon As possible. States with high turn up rates will likely to benefit from this scheme first.

My past contributions to help the youths

I have personally started a program beforehand that is mainly to help upcoming bloggers or vloggers who can’t afford to buy a domain name but use a free one or a second level domain name. Although, only two domains has been given out to one Peter John (pixblog.net and pixblog.online). I noticed the dedication of this guy and I dashed him the domain. I am still willing to give out more as soon as I find people with the right merit to win the domain names.

Are you still in doubt?

If you are having any doubt, I believe its the work of the devil to limit your destiny. Don’t let fear destroy you. We are a trusted Christian organization and we will never tarnish our image.

How do I go about it to participate?

Kindly send a request to us [email protected] or call 09053694595 we Will love to reply you as soon as possible.

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