“Investors in Death”, Yes That is what so many people are. Sad But very real and very wrong.

The other day a patient was brought to the hospital, a 59 year old, very pale with fast breathing. Urgent tests and scan showed severe anaemia and massive pleural effusion.Man on a sick bed

The man needed blood ASAP with chest tube for drainage of the effusion. He was brought by his son and his brother. So when they found out that a pint of blood costs #8,000 they requested for discharge. No money to get the blood was the reason.
Two days later he died. A month later a ”befitting” burial was conducted, hundreds of thousands of Naira spent. This scenario plays out regularly in our hospitals. Investors in death!Dead on the bed

Your mum/dad never drove a car all their lives (despite the fact that you can afford one) and then they die and they ride in Hummer ambulance to their burial. Investors in death.

Your aged parents live in ramshackle house with no amenities. Then they die and like a witch’s trick a grand house erupts in 3 months. Investors in death!Death opposite of life

Note that everything you do at burial you do for yourself.
You kill cows? the dead does not partake in it. Souvenirs? they don’t take one to judgement seat. All the dancers, asoebi and cooling vans, they don’t notice. All is for your personal glory.Investors in death

What is a befitting burial without a befitting life? It is better to give someone a chicken while alive than to bring a cow to their burial.

I think we invest too much in death. Sometimes the living lose their source of livelihood for burials.

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