The account of the great world flood was found in Genesis chapter six. This stories have been supported by many to be true, but however, many still believe that it is nothing but a legend.

Noah's Ark

Many believed that, since the holy Bible didn’t support evolution, how come we still have some small animals that couldn’t make it to the Ark like insects?

Noah's Ark

Assuming, this huge numbers of insects are allowed into the Ark the environment will not be fit for other animals. Since some insects are disease vectors they may affect other animals. Some are bad stingers, others may be poisonous too.

I believe people who think this way aren’t intelligent enough. This is due to the fact that they fail to acknowledge two things.

Firstly, that the flood lasted for about 1 year citation. Secondly, most insects can produce eggs that can survive on water surface or surface of floating objects.

Another fact is that most insects don’t need to hatch their young ones. They automatically hatch themselves. This eliminate any need for contact with parents.

Interestingly, some animals that couldn’t make it to the Ark, have the power to hibernate or survive aquatic environments for a long time or live on floating objects.

There are numerous chance to survive the flood by animals that couldn’t make it to the Ark.

Animals in Noah's Ark

Since, the Bible account that aquatic animal aren’t included in the Ark, one don’t need to think Noah packed all living things. Instead, we should be aware that Noah only rescued those that can’t survive the flood.

For these reasons stated. It is obvious that insects don’t need to be included In the Noah crew.

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