Lately, I have been preparing for my examination. This has kept me busy and serious because my only aim is to pass. As a Christian I always believe God for a good result.

When it was time to be posted to the examination center, I was lucky indeed to have a center not far away from home. It was less than 10km away. Moreover, I am familiar with the place because that was where I registered for the exam.

Sadly, despite leaving home early 2 hours before the examination schedule, the devil stood against the day. He caused a mighty rain to fall on that day. Before I reached the bus stop not far away (about 100m) I am already wet.

The rain beat me to the fact that, my examination slip become very wet and was about to tear apart. I had to collect a nylon from a man selling to wrap the slip.


My prayer was that I didn’t miss the examination and that my slip should be accepted despite its condition. Had it been the Slip wasn’t accepted, I had to reprint another one for 250 Naira which I didn’t have.

After the long waiting and queue, the examination started with Air condition and fan on. I started shivering, all my prayer was that I should be able to handle the computer.

Glory be to God, I finished the examination in time despite others complaining of computer failure. My cloth was dried up by aid condition. I left for my home and i had a safe Journey.

Coughing sickness

Few days before the examination result was to be released. I had a strange cough. The cough was very serious that I couldn’t control it. I started vitamin C and some cough medicines.

Hallelujah, in the middle of the illness, i had my result and the result is great. Although, most of my friends didn’t have theirs. It is not that I am better but by God’s grace.

After all this success, this strange cough become even more intense. To the point that whenever I cough my chest aches and I vomit from both my mouth and nose.

The experience was very painful, I couldn’t eat the way I like because I will still vomit it. I feel just like dying. I feel like my head is going to explode and my ribs is going to break. My lungs becomes very heavy.

Nevertheless, I believe God for my healing. I had to visit a primary health care. I was given some medicines but all to no avial. I had to revisit the Center again but still no change.

I was referred to the general hospital for a tuberculosis (TB) test. I believe it wasn’t TB due to contrary symptoms. On getting to the Hospital I couldn’t be attended to for a test. I was given a later date for the test.

I felt like crying to endure the pain to the next schedule, I had to go to another Hospital. They also couldn’t attend to me because it was Saturday. I started praying for deliverance.


Beforehand, I had started taking locally made remedies for cough like palm oil and sugar and another herbal product. I believed before Monday that I will revisit the hospital I will be healed.

With faith, the local remedies started working. Glory to God the medicine that stopped working started working. I am completely healed. I saw a tremendous change before that Monday.

Faith has made me whole, never to be sick again in Jesus name.

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