GmegNet (Gospel Men Evangelical Network) is a network of the Evangelists founded by Evangelist Emeka Kingdom Olere; This has remained as one of his major visions with the primary aim and objective basically for world Evangelism.

For this course he has been praying for directions until this 10th of December 2015 he explained the visions to Pastor Chukwu Nwabia who encouraged him to go on with it because it’s a great
vision and a very good avenue to build christianity and so it was initiated.

Global Men Gospel Network GMEGNet Logo

The network had their first meeting at Pastor Chukwu Nwabia’s home on 13th December 2015 where we discussed on how we can carry out the visions, with seven of us in attendance namely;
Evangelist Kingdom Emeka Olere(International Director)
Pastor Chukwu Nwabia
Evangelist Ebenezer Sunday
Pastor Michael Lawrence
Evangelist Ejike Ejem
Evangelist Chigozie Igwe
Brother Demion Edadi Eghong.

GmegNet was formed as instructed by the LORD with a strong mandate and with the purpose of bringing together the gospel ministers and their ministries of like-minded,visions,misions and doctrine, networking together to establish and promote the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Networking together as a team with one mind,Accord and purpose for world Evangelism, reaching both the rural and urban communities around the world with the Love of God in the Gospel(Acts
2:44, 4:32-34).
From the networking form a strong prayer band who will go round communities within and beyond the country to carryout revival missions in every Nations of the world and take back
nations and souls to God like the earlier Christians (Acts 4:24-31).

Preaching passionately to restore the fear of God into the churches, This is an Apostolic and prophetic network built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone with aims to build a strong and extensive strategies to ensure the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ is defended and promoted everywhere in the World.

GmegNet is an international, inter-denominated pentecostal Organization ordained and approved by God to network together to assist local churches of God to meet the standard of their visions and missions and also networking with other volunteered believers for the same purpose.

GmegNet is a platform where other ministers can affiliate their Church/Ministry for covering in
order to reduce some challenges facing the church of God today.
To have covering over any conflict in their churches, equipping the believers with the word of
God in the power of the Holy Spirit and send them to the world to embark on the great commission from our LORD Jesus Christ, making disciples in all Nations.

GmegNet exist to encourage and support the works of the Evangelists around the World by standing for the Gospel Ministers of our LORD Jesus Christ, encouraging and supporting
Evangelistic missions by modeling and practicing biblical Evangelism as exemplified by the old Apostles.

As we seek to promote the Gospel globally we will be offering authoritative credentials an performing ordinations to qualified ministers and licensing local church elders for their churches
and ministries,Encouraging and supporting Gospel men in their calling and ministries.

GmegNet is not only a networking organization but also a fellowshipping organization where we
can fellowship with pastors, Apostles, Missionaries, church leaders and every believer for the the purpose of edification,stimulating one another for the Love of God to reign and strengthening one another for this great faith in Christ Jesus (Hebrew 12:14-17).
Encouraging one another with brotherly love of Christ and meeting one Another’s need in the church or individually (Hebrew 10:23-25, Acts 2:44-45).

Providing training in evangelism for ministers and church leaders emphasizing more on the important of evangelism in the church today for both church growth and promoting the Gospel in the communities where they are found, giving training to have more understanding of the calling
of the evangelists and how it applies to the churches and it’s growth.

GmegNet shall work together to see individual purposes fulfilled,the network will be standing together with other faithful networks to build strong platform both in the local and international level in order to provide ministerial resources for Church planting,church growth and equipping
believers, organizing regional conferences to train,stimulate and impart the vision for evangelism
and teach how to organize strong and effective evangelistic outreaches in the cities and towns to impact lives around the world.

GmegNet shall initiate a strong strategies to conjoin with other partners and Non governmental organizations from around the world providing scholarship,building bible schools, engaging into massive community development and supporting bible schools, helping the less privileges, the economically impoverishes ones, building universities,building hospitals,supporting the nation of
Israel,establishing humanitarian relief and conducting medical missions and providing spiritual covering to every member of this network.
GmegNet shall be hosting annual global conferences both in the local and internatonal level called “Raising Armies For Christ Conference” the conference shall be mobile, i.e moving from one
country to the other and the venue must be in the church or ministry of the National Director or possibly in one of our Leader’s church or ministry.

The conferences organized by the network shall be where members can connect with other Christians within the network from around the world and establish strong invitations for
conference or crusade speaking engagement.

The network shall place a high support especially to the evangelism team and provide discounts to every individual member who is desiring to attend the conference or crusade organized by the

The network will be negotiating with the government of any nation where we covered on behalf of the individual member for the assistance he or she may require.

The network shall by the grace of God establish a Television Channel known as
,where we can have ministers of the Gospel share the word of God to the world at large.

GmegNet shall have offices in nations of the world where we can capture and there with the same purposes of the network carried out.

GmegNet – “Gospel Men Global Network” is one of the arms of KINGDOM BROLLY
MINISTRIES INT’L INC, anywhere in the world.

Every individual member of this network and all the affiliated churches/ministries will have access
to all the strength of this network, whereby individual member and their churches/ministries
should not stand alone while defending the gospel and doing the work of God due to
difficulties,the network will then place a high support to all of them globally.
Every organization under this network shall receive a possible endorsement from a trusted and well known ministry partners and all the associated christian organizations for ministerial resources to help it’s growth and succeeding in meeting up the standards of their visions and missions.
GmegNet shall offer an affordable International credentials to every individual member of this

GmegNet shall offer you ordination and empower you to better function in your calling and to
impact your various churches and ministries for greatness to the glory of God.

The network shall work together to see individual purposes fulfilled, helping one another to find their destiny and area of calling in the ministry.

GmegNet shall extend a hand of fellowship to every member who wished to plant churches or open a ministry in any nation where the network covered, a hand of fellowship shall also be given
to any Evangelist who is seeking to organize an outreaches or crusade in any nation where we have office.
Every individual, churches/ministries credentialed holders of this network shall participate in the scholarship plans of KINGDOM BROLLY MINISTRIES INT’L INC, this ministry will greatly
extend their hands of fellowship to the members of this network for any assistance they may require.

Every individual member of this network shall be provided with discounts on any events hosted by
the partners or by the network globally, like conferences and crusades in any nation its hosted.

GmegNet shall offer you special access to many of our ministry partners if you are a credentialed holder of this network,this also include having access to our other larger credentialed holders, their ministries/churches and their leaders.

As a credentialed holder of this network you will be admitted into any Christian’s leaders and ministers conferences aimed for training basically on world evangelism anywhere in the world,
where you can influence the world with your God’s given gift, the network authority will also assist you to establish invitations of the credentialed ministers and Christian leaders from around
the world for member’s church/ministry’s events, business coaching.

Every born again Christian irrespective of their denominations and locations is expected and allowed to become a member of this network, the one desiring to be a member must be from a
well known Pentecostal background/organization who shared the same faith and beliefs of the network.

However it’s required that a business man/woman, politician, lawyers, soldiers, Teachers, Professors and every christian believers are allowed to become a member of this network; standing together as a team with the missions of the network in building Christianity any where in the world through networking and fellowshipping with men of like-minded who are faithful to the gospel and thriving to stimulate one another for the Love of God, His son Jesus Christ for the
promotion of the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and motivating one another to embark on the great commission from our Lord Jesus Christ, committed to preaching to restore the fear of God into the church the body of Christ and to the nations of the world.

Every member of this network must hold the identity of the network and the credentials qualifying the membership of this network and must engage and solely dedicated to the service of God and
humanity and must uphold the dignity and integrity of this network, abstaining from anything that tended to tarnish the image of the network for the glory of God everywhere we are represented in
the world.
To show a good trusted stewardship and representative; every member of this network is  to commit wholly and wholeheartedly for the expansion of this network, the gospel anywhere we are found without minding the magnitude of the sacrifices or costs(Acts 20:24), must take on the mandate of Christ to preach the gospel and witnessing the Lord Jesus Christ before men and making disciples of Christ of all nations.
All the members, churches/ministries affiliated to this network must be faithful to support the
network financially, materially etc, must live up to the standards of the scriptures in holiness and righteousness, teaching others to do so for the kingdom of God and must also submit to the authority of the network.

GmegNet is not legally authorized to have responsibility over all her affiliated churches/ministries in their leadership on how they should run the affairs of their churches/ministries and the network also have no legal right or responsibility for the actions of the individual member and have no right
on all her affiliated churches/ministries on their actions upon their leaders and their leadership, neither did any member of this network nor all her affiliated churches/ministries have legal
responsibility for the actions of the network on her leaders and leadership.

However the network as a strong body shall commit to everybody and on all her affiliated churches/ministries and stand for all in times of conflict and difficulties in anywhere we are represented, the network is never authoritative but free will.

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