Thank you mighty father for a gift of a new day. We love you for your never ending love. As we pray today we want to give you our full attention.

Hallelujah Thank God

We want to remember that when we pray, we enter into your presence. Because of Jesus we can come directly to your throne of grace and have communication with you.

We are free to enter into your gates and courts with praise. Because of all our beloved Saviour did for us, our sin no longer separates us from you. Thank you Lord. Thank you for desiring a close, intimate relationship with us.


Thank you for caring about every aspect of our lives. We thank you for that no aspect of our lives is too small or uninteresting to you.

You have vested interest in our welfare and in seeing us succeed and triumph. In seeing us mature and grow, in seeing us do all that you know we’re capable of. How blessed we are to be called your children.Praise God

How astonishing that we are heirs of the king. What a joyous thing to realize that we’re beloved and treasured and that nothing and no one can snatch us from your hand.

Am praising God

Thank you father for completing what you started in our lives. We trust that no matter how dark things may seem, you’re our shining light of hope. We thank you for working behind the scenes to carry us through to the place of victory in every area of our lives. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in our lives.

Thank you for directing and ordering our steps. We know that you will give us double for our trouble as we keep our hearts and minds stayed on you. Show us your ways, teach us your love. Keep us close to you always, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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