Nowadays, fake prophets are everywhere, claiming to be sent by God. Demonstrating mouthwatering miracles. They are misleading many who never know what the Bible says on how to identify them.

Fake prophet

Miracle is not a criterion to prove that a prophet is genuine or not as most people think. When One come to realize that John the Baptist who was the greatest prophet never did any miracle. However, he is greater than Moses, who did miracles no prophet can do.


The most effective way to know how genuine a miracle is, is to ask the holy spirit to guide one. Nevertheless, one can still know how genuine a miracle is, by looking deep into the life of the prophet whether it is a ‘planned miracle’. Although, a prophet committing adultery may be used by God for miracle, however he is still a fake prophet, if he didn’t stop his sin.

According to the Bible, when a prophet come to you, and tell a vision, but the vision didn’t come to pass. Certainly, the prophet is fake you shall not be afraid of him – Deuteronomy 18:22.


Another way to know a fake prophet is by looking at his doctrines. Our God is not an author of confusion, any doctrine not of biblical standard is from the devil – Galatians 1:18.


Love of money and affluence is the main characteristic of a fake prophet. Why will one be a fake prophet if not for money? Any man of God that emphasize too much on money and material things is from the devil – 1 Timothy 6:10.

Greediness and lack of forgiveness is a deeply imprinted in the heart of a fake prophet. Never believe nor fear a prophet with such spirit, because it is contrary to the principles of Christ.

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