According to Google definition, poison is a substance that is capable of causing the ‘illness’ or ‘death’ of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.

Stomach ache poison vomit

From the above definition, it is crystal clear that poison is harmful, dangerous and of no good use. Therefore, one should avoid injection, inhalation, introduction or coming in contact with it.Coughing sickness

However, when one reads the definition above, one may think that only a physical poison is being referred to. No! Spiritual poison works the same way like a physical poison.Home of the dead

Spiritual poison when introduced into ones life can cause sickness and death too. One major fact about spiritual poison is that it can manifest or regenerate to a physical poison.Fear

Spiritual poison can also affect one’s life as a whole. It can cause financial, marital, academical, mental, physical disorder and many more. Spiritual poison can disconnect one with God.Powerless Devil

Spiritual poison is commonly caused sins. Other sources of spiritual poison are attacks from the enemy (devil), curses, inability to pray, not well equip spiritually etc.Spiritual Poison

Don’t be afraid, like physical poison, spiritual poison also has remedies. However, we need to know the cause before giving a treatment (diagnose), this rule also applies in treatment physical poison.

First aid for spiritual poison

The first aid for spiritual poison is prayer and confession. Immediately you see any sign of spiritual poison you need to pray and rebuke it. After this, you should try your best and know the source and make the necessary corrections.

Also, the 100% antidote for spiritual poison is effective in treating poisons. The 100% antidote is a powerful confession to attack in all directions.

Confession 0004AA/MB

Am praising God

Oh Lord God, I thank you for making me realize that spiritual poison is real, I thank you for giving me the power to rebuke it. I thank you for giving me the privilege to be alive till today. May your name be glorified in Jesus name.

Remove from book

Every sin causing weakness in my life, making me vulnerable to spiritual poison be forgiven in Jesus name. I have been granted the power to sin no more in Jesus name!

Spiritual Poison

I vomit every spiritual poison by the power in the blood of Jesus. I neutralize every spiritual poison in Jesus name!

Every source of spiritual poison in my life dry off in Jesus name. Spiritual poison is powerless over my life in Jesus name!Broken bondages

Every spiritual poison of curse in my life you have become a blessing today in Jesus name. No more poison in my life in Jesus name.

Samson torn a lion

Holy spirit has equipped me, every poison has gone out of me not to come back in Jesus name. Am too hot for poison in Jesus name.

Every damages done by evil poison has been patched in Jesus mighty name!

I believe spiritual bondages and poison has been broken and rectified in Your life in Jesus name.

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