Today is another day, and a brand new opportunity to wreak havoc on unwanted spirits. My believe is that the devil is powerless before God so is Stagnancy.

Therefore, he is powerless too before our confession. We are breaking through his bound in Jesus name. Just say this to yourself and believe.

Confession 0002AA/MB


O Lord God, I give you all the praise for giving me the opportunity to be alive today. I give you all the praise Jehovah. I believe all my confession will come before you, and that you will stamp it with mercy in Jesus name.

Stagnancy and bound

Every sin that is causing stagnancy and failure in my life is forgiven in Jesus name.

Every spirit of Stagnancy in my life you are sent to hell in Jesus name.

Every spirit of failure, spirit of promise and fail is dead in my life in Jesus name.

Every satanic chain of Stagnancy and failure has been broken in Jesus name.


My helper of destiny that will set me free from evil bound of Stagnancy and failure has come in Jesus name.

Every power blocking my ways to progress be destroyed in Jesus.

I believe this has manifested in your life in Jesus name.

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