For this confession to work for you, you will have to say the words to yourself as if it is a command.

Confession 0001AA/MB

Because Jehovah is the King of kings no king from the kingdom of darkness can bind me.

Every evil chain that has been used to tie me around an axis has been broken in Jesus name.

Every demonic cage that has been used to cage my life from achieving the unachievable has been destroyed in Jesus name.
Hallelujah, confession works

Because the Lord is mighty in battle, that strong man holding my Destiny in bondage has lost his power in Jesus name.

The meal of bondage that I have been taking has been poured away and blocked in Jesus name.

Every evil ruler that is ruling over my bondage has been overthrown and I have been set free in Jesus name.

I am no more a prisoner of bondage and I am free to achieve the achievable in Jesus name. No more loss, no more limitation in Jesus name.
Hallelujah! my confession works

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