Confide In a Few and trust non. Someone once said, “Even a fish wouldn’t get caught if it kept its mouth shut.” Confidentiality is a gift to be shared in the privacy of prayer or with an intercessor, mentor or counselor that God has assigned to your life.

As a Christian, one may feel that confiding or trusting a Pastor or Man of God is more secure. However, do you know your pastor is a man like you? What make you not to keep your secret within will make your pastor reveal it too.

Trust and confidence
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Never share your troubles, your dreams, ideas and your plans with anyone unqualified to help you. Don’t consult with anyone from the circle of people that God is trying to pull you out of. Confide only in people who are living or once lived the life you desire to live.


Anyone who doesn’t know where you’re going cannot give you credible directions to get you there. Do not feed the shallow minds of the curious common who are incapable of adding value to your life.

Only God can be trusted confide in God
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Elevate or deepen your conversations to a level that is beyond the comprehension of the itching ears of the curious common. Sharing big ideas with small mind-minded people is a sure way to invite unnecessary discouragement.

A deep conversation with a shallow-minded person is a sheer waste of time. Dreams, just like eggs, incubate in silent and solitude places. Don’t be fooled, dreams and ideas can be stolen. That is why no egg or pregnancy is transparent. People have to keep wondering until the idea is finally hatched and the dream is finally realized.

Big dreamers grind in silence and let the results speak for themselves. Behind every overnight success story are countless hours of silent planning, strategizing and brainstorming. “The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves, but a fool’s heart blurts out folly.” – (Proverbs 12:23)

People may end up believing you have trust issue, but never mind them. Trust God, trust his Word and confide in yourself.

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