Biblical guidelines on how to handle criticism

Many are faced with criticism from parents, workplaces, friends and the public at large, whatever is behind the criticism, the question is how can you cope with it? Proverbs 17:27.Try the following to remain “cool of spirit” when you are being criticised:

Rather than being quick to justify your actions or protest your innocence, try to hold back your emotions and absorb what your critics have to say. James 1:19.

At times, you may feel that your critics’ comments were delivered in a less-than-kind manner. Rather than dwell on the way they spoke to you, focus on what was said. Ask yourself: What part of this criticism do I know to be true? What would it cost me to comply with their wishes? Remember, despite how it may seem at the moment, your parent’s/co-worker or Boss/friends concern is motivated by live. If they really did hate you, they wouldn’t discipline you at all. Proverbs 13:24.

If you rephrase your critics’ comment/counsel and repeat it back to them in a respectable manner, you will reassure them that you heard what they said. Expressing it back to them without sarcasm makes the tension of their criticism die down. Ephesians 6:1.

Save any justification until after you have complied with your parents’/Boss or co-worker/friends wishes. Proverbs 10:19. Once your critics see that you really were listening to them, they’ll be far more inclined to listen to you.
May God give us the grace to overcome all the criticism on our path to greatness in Jesus Name (Amen)

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