Yet if anyone  suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter. I Peter 4:16Are you ashamed?

Do not be ashamed when you suffer for the sake of God, do not be ashamed to stick to your faith in God, even when people mock you or humiliate you for been passionate about your business with God be joyful.Ashamed

Sometimes people will mock you because you can’t seem to excel as they are doing, Child of God you’re never going to be a replica of People when God created you in His own Wonderful Image, their time is not your time and your time is not their time, hold onto God, even when you’re going through the most daunting heartbreak or times of distress praise God for the current situation, Glorify Him that He alone Knows better about your Life than those who mock you or look down on you.Compassion in depression

Find comfort in knowing God is aware of every suffering you go through for God doesn’t only know your troubles but He also knows how to redeem you from them, don’t rush out of your suffering sit and liaise with them feel them then you can ask God for a way out of them.Strong man with powerful hand

For God to allow any predicament in your Life He puts across enough strength for you to endure it, Do not Give Up, Glorify God for counting you worthy to undergo such heavy duty suffering, you’re strong and that problem is not for the weak, Sometimes God chooses His toughest soldiers for tough Battles, you’re one of those soldiers, don’t Disappoint Your Chief In Command.

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