It is not God’s plan for us to be barren, that’s why he said “be fruitful and multiply”. However, the devil came and turned things around negatively. He went forth and plant bareness into the life of people.

Barren land or dessert

Bareness is not only the inability to give birth to young ones but inability to get positive result from any endeavor. Bareness can exist in one’s financial life, academic, marriage, work and many more.

Elizabeth and Mary

Since it is not in God’s plan for us to be barren, we are going to rebuke the spirit of bareness. The Bible says ” ask and it shall be given”. However, we are not asking, we are commanding because God has given us dominion over all things.

Therefore, we will say this confession with faith that it has started manifesting as we utter it. Don’t forget that Jesus said “every tree that doesn’t bear fruit shall be cut off and thrown in the lake off fire”. Don’t be cut off, stand against devil.

Confession 0004AA/MB



I believe Jesus is Lord over all things, seen and unseen, living and dead. I believe he will answer my prayer speedily because he is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. And that he is not deaf nor his hand too short to deliver me.

Every sin causing bareness in my life has been forgiven in Jesus name.

Hannah the barren at Shiloh

Because Jehovah is God, bareness has come to extinction in my life in Jesus name.

Every cause of bareness in my life has become powerless, every seed of bareness in my life have been casted to hell in Jesus name.

Every satanic manifestation of bareness had come to halt, they shall stand no more in my life in Jesus name.

Every ocean of Bareness in my life has dried up, they shall flow no more in Jesus name.

Powers motivating bareness against me has become powerless, powers rolling the boat of bareness in my life have sank in Jesus name.

It has been stamped, it has started manifesting, it has been become permanent in Jesus name. No more bareness in Jesus name.

Completed prayer and confession

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