Associate with the right people

Associate with the right people

Never put Temporary people in the Permanent place of your Life, and don’t be afraid of Removing the Wrong People from the Right Place of your Life. If it’s your Life then it’s your Right. Be Bold to take any Decision concerning your Life. If they call it Pride, tell them it’s Class.

Effect of having the wrong people in your Life

Wrong people association

No matter the Economy of the Jungle, Lions will never eat Grass. Even if Education is Free, a Rat will never go to the same School with a Cat. You cannot go anywhere with Negative people. Negative people are like Cars without Fuel and Engines. You can only sit in them, but they will NEVER take you anywhere. You can’t Change what you see until you Learn from what you see.

Mind People you share Secret with

Sharing secret with the wrong person

Be careful who you Open up to. Only a few people Care. The rest just Want to have Something to Gossip about. Some people come into your Life like a Dark Storming Night. When the Storm is Over and the Sun Rises it Becomes a Beautiful Day. Make  Beautiful Days in your Life  by Removing the “Storms” in your Life.

May Almighty God be with you, guide and protect you in the hand of your physical and spiritual enemies.

Weak people Revenge, Strong people forgive while intelligent people ignore. Have an intelligent week. Shalom!

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