Reflecting Christ in You

What does it means to reflect?

Encounter with Jesus

When we reflect something, we are exhibiting its likeness. We are displaying its characteristics. Like a mirror, the Bible tells us that we should reflect the character and likeness of Jesus. We should have His same walk and talk.

The Step to attain the goal

Reach your goal to reflect

That may sound impossible; after all, Jesus is the Son of God. But remember, when we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, the Bible says, “we become sons and daughters of God,” too. We become empowered by the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. That means we have the same power, the same spirit of humility, the same strength, and the same love on the inside. We are equipped to do what He did. What did He do? Scripture says that Jesus went around doing good and bringing healing to others; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Prayers to Help you Reflect

Praise God and pray to him

Today, open the door for God to work in your life. Humbly invite Him in. Let that be your goal today—open your heart to Him, Let His mind be your mind, so you can reflect Him in your attitude and actions!

“Have this same attitude in yourselves which was in Christ Jesus [look to Him as your example in selfless humility].” (Philippians 2:5, AMP)

Lord, right now I invite You to dwell in my thoughts, heart and attitude. I choose to follow Your example and bring good to others. Help me be a pure reflection of Your love in everything I do and say, in Jesus’ name! Amen

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