Unlike any other prophet in the Bible God used Moses to perform unbelievable miracles. These miracles are unique, supernatural, powerful, mouth watering and amazing.

Miracles of moses
1. Moses is also the greatest prophet of the old testament. Today, I will like to bring 5 of the miracles God used Moses performed that are not performed by any other prophet.

2. Manna from heaven: manna is a small seed like food, tastes like wafers and honey. The manna use to fall from heaven during the time of Moses. This miracle is beyond magic. No prophet, illusionist, magician or whosoever has ever been able to imitate such. The manna fell from heaven for about 40 years, until the children of Israel ate the product of the promise land.

Water from the rock

3. Commanding water out of the rock: when the Israelites were in the wilderness, there is a limited supply of water. These people threatened Moses, blasphemed and brought the wrath of God upon themselves. Although, our God is merciful and slow to anger, he commanded Moses to use his rod to strike the rock. Angry Moses over struck the rock and water sprang forth. No prophet has ever achieved such.

4. Direct encounter with God: when Moses was to receive the 10 commandments, he had a direct encounter with God. Till date, no one has ever had such opportunity. Although, it is a well known fact that no one has ever seen God, Moses saw the form of God.

Miracles of moses

5. Ordered Earthquake to swallow traitor: during the journey of the children of Israel in the wilderness some of the congregation rebelled against Moses. The reason is that they believed not only Moses should be opportune to serve as a middleman between them and God. This event led to crises, they wanted to have direct encounter with God like him. Moses commanded the earth should open up and swallow them. No prophet did such in the biblical other than him.

10 plagues

Brought 10 plagues against Egyptians: this was a very popular event in the Bible. This event led to the liberation of the Israelites. Many Egyptian lost their lives due to various disease. Only Moses has ever done such.


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