The life of Jesus Christ is an example of perfection. He lived a life worthy of imitation. His live has become the case study for many. Although, no one has been able to live like him. Philosophers from around the world acknowledged the fact that his lifestyle is filled with decorum.

Jesus Christ

His principles, if followed, the world would have become a better place with zero conflict. Therefore, I will like to discuss five of his principles that serve as a standard for philosophers.
Meek: the standard of humility of Jesus Christ cannot be compared with that of anybody. Throughout his life he is humble and has regard for everybody. He has never allowed pride to overcome him. He commanded his disciples to follow his footsteps – Luke 22:25-26

Show love

Love: he always seize all opportunity that come his way to express and teach love – Matthew 6:43-46. One major way he showed his love is by dying on the cross of calvary for our sins – John 3:16.

I forgive you

Forgiveness: this is just another principle of Jesus Christ that most people don’t find easy. He has no conditions for forgiveness, even at the point of death he still find a place in his heart to forgive his murderers – Luke 23:34. He emphasized on the need to forgive Matthew 6:14-15.


Charity: even as busy as he is, he didn’t allow this to be an excuse for him to give. His principles of giving alms is excellent – Matthew 6:1-4.


Compassion: if not for compassion he wouldn’t have come to the world to die for us. When he was on earth, he always show compassion to people of all nature – Matthew 16:32.
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