The Bible gives examples of some people who are barren but ended up giving birth to wonderful kids at God’s appointed time.  This serves as evidence that God will always come at the appointed time.

Therefore, it is never too late for God to resolve your situation, only that the appointed time may not yet be.

Sarah the Barren gave birth to Isaac

  1. Sarah: the wife of Abraham, the forefather of the Israelites, the Father of faith. However, Sarah was barren until she reached an old age of 90. At the appointed time she gave birth to Isaac. Isaac grew strong and became the patriarch of the Israelites.Elizabeth the barren gave birth to John the Baptist
  2. Elizabeth: the mother of John the Baptist. She also experience delay and she gave birth to John at her Old age. Her husband, Zechariah didn’t believe the prophecy. He went dumb till John was born. John became the greatest prophet that ever lived.Hannah the barren at Shiloh
  3. Hannah: A long time barren, she met with God at Shiloh after years of attending the annual camp. She promised God that if she can be given a male child, he will return the child to God to serve him. She gave birth to Samuel the great prophet who anointed the first king of Israel (Saul) and even King David.Samson
  4. Wife of Manoah: she is a long time barren whom the Angel appeared to. The angel gave him a good news that she will give birth to a son. Moreover, the son shall be Nazirite (an person who was consecrated to the service of God, under vows to abstain from alcohol, let the hair grow, and avoid defilement by contact with dead bodies). She gave birth to the strongest man ever lived known as Samson.Rachel was a barren
  5. Rachael: She was the favorite wife of Jacob, the brother of Esau. She couldn’t give birth because God saw that she was more loved by Jacob. God pitied her and she gave birth to the popularly known Joseph

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