Jesus Christ performed more miracles than any other prophet in the Bible. Another interesting thing about some of his miracles is that they are unique (not performed by any other than him).


Today, I will list out 10 of his miracles that are unique.


  1. Turned water into wine: this miracle is probably the first miracle performed by Jesus Christ. It happened in Canaan of Galilee at a wedding party – John 2:1-11.Lazarus
  2. Resurrected Lazarus:  Lazarus is a very close friend of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, he died and was buried for 4 days before Jesus could visit him. On his arrival, he wept  seriously. He ordered Lazarus to come of grave and it happened – John 11:38-44.Fed many
  3. Fed Large people with few loaves: This miracle happened twice. He fed 3,000 and 5,000 men respectively not counting women and the Children with few loaves of bread and fish – Matthew 14:13-21.Walked on sea
  4. Walked upon the sea: this is really amazing! No prophet or magician has been able to try this to date. Even famous illusionists tried it and fail – Matthew 14:22-33. Walked on seaStopped a storm
  5. Stopped the storm on the sea: he commanded the storm and the sea obeyed him. What an extraordinary man? His power is of no limitation. Even his disciples are amazed – Mark 4:35-41.
  6. Opened the eyes of Batholomew: even those that witness this miracle agreed to the fact that, nobody has ever opened the eye of a person born blind – Mark 10:46.
  7. Opened the heavens: when he was being baptized by John the Baptist, the heaven opened up and God himself confess that Jesus Christ is his only begotten Son. The heaven has not opened for anybody in such way – Luke 3:21-23.
  8. Brought money out of the fish: Jesus Christ was accused of not paying tax, so as to avoid committing a legal crime, he commanded Peter to go and fish. Whatever fish that comes up first will contain the exact money needed to pay his tax and that of Peter’s – Matthew 17:27.
  9. Rose up the third day: as he had prophesied that he would die and rise up the third day. Jesus Christ died and rose up again. Such has not being heard in the history of mankind.Casted out demon
  10. Casted out demon: this is a very common miracle Jesus performed during his time on earth. He disgraced the kingdom of the devil many times. He also casted the demon out of the popular mad man of Gadarene.
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