Prayer is the sword of the spirit and as a good Christian there are ways we can utilize it to get instant deliverance from the devil. However, many don’t have enough faith to let the result of their prayers manifest. Since their believe is that prayers don’t rise above the roof the devil has seized that opportunity to create an embargo between them and God.

Say no to barrier


Most people even find it difficult nowadays to pray at. These are devil tricks to lure them into darkness. If you have been experiencing the same I will like you to say the prayers below.

  1. Oh Lord every satanic trick in my life be exposed and come to end in Jesus name. 
  2. Every satanic bondage, blindness and veil in my life come to an end in Jesus name. Colossians 1:13 
  3. Lord Jesus, every arrow of the devil that has been tormenting my life go back to sender in Jesus name Psalms 7:15-16
  4. Every Generational spell that has not let the Glory of God to manifest in my Life, an end has come to you in Jesus name.
  5. Every Gathering against me from the evil kingdom scatter in Jesus name.
  6. The plans of Devil for my life will come to vain in Jesus name.
  7. Lord Jesus, change my story for better.
  8. No accident, evil or calamity shall befall me or my family in Jesus name.
  9. The covenant of God for my life shall come to past in Jesus name.
  10. I shall continue to excel in Jesus name.

With believe in God, once you can pray with all your might, your prayers are answered.

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