There are many important people in the Bible that started well with God, but at the end they become a failure. As a human we tend to fail due to the weakness caused by the sin of Adam and Eve.

Failed prophet

These Bible characters are also human, therefore, they are not perfect. Although, unlike most of us they have in one way or the other have direct encounter with God. Majority of them failed due to their disobedience to Gods ordinance.King solomon



  1. King Solomon: this man is the most intelligent man that has ever walked on earth. He started with God smoothly, achieved what no man has ever achieved. God used Solomon to build the popular magnificent temple in Jerusalem. However, this man failed due to his promiscuous lifestyle. According to the bible he had 300 wives and 700 concubines including those from places where God ordered Israelites not to marry from. These wives succeeded in luring him to following strange God. God anger was against him and the kingdom was apartheid given to his Children.Moses
  2. Prophet Moses: God used this man to wield landmark wonders ranging from, parting the seas, bring the water from the rock, commanding the earth to swallow traitors, pillars of fire following the Israelites, falling Mannas  from heaven and many more. The man is the greatest prophet of the old testament. Bitterly, this man didn’t achieve God purpose for him. The reason for his failure is due to claiming miracles are being performed by him rather by God. At the end of the day this man didn’t make it to the promise land which is Canaan land.
  3. Prophet Eli: this man trained the popular Prophet called Samuel.  Prophet Eli can be said to be killed by his children due to their adamant behavior. As highlighted in the book of Kings, his Children died in the war. While the news was brought to him he broke his neck and died. Earlier in the story, one can clearly see that Eli did put his sons first before God which brought about his failure.Adam and Eve
  4. Adam and Eve: this should be the number one on the list, because their sins brought sorrow, pain, evil, badness and the likes to the earth. God purpose for them is to grow abundantly, subdue and live forever but they forfeit it when they ate the forbidden fruit. This is the first case of human disobedience which brought about horrible results.
  5. The unnamed Prophet: in the book of Chronicles there was a prophet sent to deliver a message to the King of Israel. This man was instructed not to eat, drink, sleepover nor follow the same route he came through. After delivering the message God sent him, he embarked on his way home. Unfortunately, this man was deceived by an old Prophet claiming to receive a contrary message from an Angel of God that the prophet should stop by. This prophet obeyed went in with the Old prophet eat, wine and dine and was killed by a lion on his way home.

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