Lie is the most common everyday sin. Even famous people in the Bible had to lie due to temptations and difficulties. However, as a good Christian we need to be careful of what we utter and  how genuine they are.


Today, I will be opportune to write about 10 famous people that Lied in the Bible. This people lied due to either temptation, to deceive, to implicate or to hide the truth. While many of them was punished severely others are forgiven.

  1. Abraham: the father of faith was called out by God out of his fatherland’s to go into a land he will show him, without hesitation he obeyed God. However, during his journey he was tempted to lie to the king of Egypt that his wife was his sister’s – Genesis 12:11-12. Our merciful God called him back to himself by telling him to walk and be perfect before him.
  2. Isaac: he is Abraham’s son. He committed the same sin as his father – Genesis 27:18-19. However, he was also punished but was showered with mercy.
  3. Peter: he is one of the most loved disciple by Jesus Christ. However, he had to lie when he was in temptation. He denied knowing Jesus Christ thrice – Matthew 27: 69-74. Nevertheless, he asked for forgiveness and he grew in faith to the extent God used him as a tool for spreading the gospel, setting the captive free and doing miracles.
  4. Jacob: he is the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. He used deceitful ways to snatch away the blessings from his brother. During the time when their father Isaac wanted to bless Esau, Jacobs’s brother, Jacob pretended to be him and lied to their father – Genesis 27:18-19.
  5. Ananias: he was a member of the Christian congregation in the new testament. Though, there was no obligation for anybody to sell his property and donate. Ananias sold his property and donated it to the church but lied about the actual worth by telling he donated everything – Act 5:1-3. He was struck by the holy spirit and died immediately.
  6. Sapphira: she is the wife of Ananias. Both of them had conspire to falsely declare how much they sold the property. Being asked by Peter if they sold the property for that much, not knowing that his husband is dead, she replied yes. She slump and died too – Act  5:4-5.
  7. Rachel: this is one of Jacob’s wives who lied when she stole a graven image that belongs to his father – Genesis 31:32-35.
  8. The old Prophet: there was an old Prophet mentioned in the book of Chronicles. This old Prophet deceived a young prophet sent by God to the king. This young prophet was instructed by God not to eat nor drink. Painfully, the old Prophet deceived him by telling him that an angel of God came to him and asked him to entertain him.
  9. Potiphar’s wife: the wife to Joseph’s Egyptian master. She lied against him that she wanted to rape her. This led to Joseph being arrested and sent to the prison – Genesis 39:17-18.
  10. Joseph’s brothers: they conspire to sell Joseph as slave due to the bright future they know he had. They went back home, claiming he has been devoured by the beast of the forest. Contrary, to their report Joseph has been sold as a slave.

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