Beware of the religion called Islam, it is the propaganda of the devil to lure as many as possible to hell. Regardless of how deep your believe is in Allah, I will like you to humble yourself and read this post carefully.

Quran of Islam

My father came from a Muslim background, but he had the golden opportunity to meet with Christ. He lost his father at a very tender age but lived with an Alhaji who is deep in Islam. My father was saved by grace because God himself ministered to him and showed him the way. After learning about Christ he is convinced that truly this is the way (John 14:6). 

Encounter with Jesus

However, I believe the reader of this post may not have such opportunity to have a divine encounter. Therefore, I will outline 10 reasons why Islam is too dangerous for you. Before I proceed, I will like you to remain neutral and unbiased to any religion. This will enable us to judge which religion is true. 

  1. Muhammad isn’t Sure: According to Quran 46:8-9 Muhammad isn’t sure of what would be done to him afterlife. How can we follow a person that doesn’t know where is he heading to. Jesus said the blind cannot lead the blind unless the two fall into ditch (Luke 6:39). All prophets before him know what to be done to them afterlife (Job 19:26).Spirit of fear
  2. Muhammad is not original:  Muhammad says he is a fake prophet. I will like you to understand the simple logic of word and opposite, the opposite of ‘original’ means ‘fake’. Muhammed himself confess in Quran 46:8-9 that he isn’t an original prophet, therefore, he is fake.Jesus Christ
  3. Quran gives more respect to Jesus: Another fact I will like you to confirm is that ” Muhammad was mentioned only 4 times in the whole of Quran while Jesus was mentioned 25 times”. That’s a huge 6¼ times. If Muhammad is the greatest prophet he will be mentioned more than Jesus. A whole book was dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus.Failed prophet
  4. Muhammad is powerless: according to the hadith Muhammad died of poison. Had it been that Muhammad is a great prophet, poison will do him no harm. Jesus gave even his ordinary disciples power over poison, power to cure, power to liberate, cast out demon, power of the holy ghost and many more (Matthew 28:8). Paul: the most hated Bible character by Muslims was bitten by a poisonous snake and he did survive without using a single drug.Lazarus
  5. Quran says Jesus can give life: Another solid evidence that Jesus can give life as stated in the Bible (John 14:6) can also be found in the Quran. No Prophet has ever done this, only Jesus can give life. The Quran states that Jesus formed a life bird from a mud (Quran 5:110). What a wonder being is he.God is not a mystery
  6. Quran asked Muslims to read the Bible: if you have never read that the Quran asked you to “confirm any thing that seems not clear to you from the Bible and Torah” (Quran 10:94), you are not a Muslim. If the Bible is not supreme to the Quran, why will such statement be uttered. This same word caused an Imam to convert to a Christian.Allah swears
  7. Allah swears by ordinary objects: first and foremost, is there any object greater than God? If not, why do Allah swear by objects in Quran? (Quran 56:75-79). This points to the fact that Allah is not God. The God of we Christians is proud to swear by his name, by himself (the greatest thing beyond value) (Hebrew 6:13). Moreover, Jesus Christ asked us not to swear at all  Powerless Devil
  8. Possessed by devil: think of this, “Do God need to force us to do his will?”. If yes, then we should all be serving God. The Quran recorded that Muhammad was forced to read by an Angel (Quran 96:1-5). The fact is that only Satan do force people and torment them. He did the same for Job, Meshach, Shadrach, Meshach, Abdenego etc (Job 1:12). The Bible also recorded that the devil kept transforming into an angel of light. This is to deceive people.Samson killed 1000 people with a donkey jaw
  9. Killing of Non Believers: the Quran advocate for killing of non believers. This is know as Jihad (fighting in the cause of God) (Quran 2:193-195). Why will you kill nonbelievers? Our God is merciful and didn’t want sinners to die (John 3:16).Allah swears
  10. Allah is the greatest deceiver: the Quran said it clearly that Allah is the greatest deceiver (Quran 3:59, Quran 35:8). Our God is not an author of confusion. Only Devil do deceives people, he did the for Adam and Eve (Revelation 20:10).Jesus is our Saviour

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One Reply to “10 Evidence from the Quran that Islam leads to Hell and is Dangerous for you”

  1. Lol u guys are so hilarious Allah said know me before you worship me. Do u think that everybody u see putting on cap is a Muslim NO, a pastor who converted to Islam said he was trained by the America Christian leaders to destroy Islam in which they failed, he is known to be the first pastor in the world wide world. Who claim that so many of them were trained to quench the fire of all Islam can u see why that man can not easily answer who jesus is it is because he is an antagonist who was fabricated and placed on the media. Let me tell u about jesus christ he is a man born without a father just like melzichedek who as no father and mother in the bible, Adam too didn’t have any parent, maggot never coupulate and they produce offspring, crow too is a creature of God that never coupulate and give birth, bat and tree all these are creature that are also divine so tell me more about divinity of jesus or was it because the bible said he enter the womb of Mary through the holy ghost? Then what are we to say about the holy ghost that appear to Elizabeth are we to say John too is christ. Jesus in HEBREW 2:9 was said to be lower than the angel because of the curse of death placed on him also dEUT 21:23 says for a hanged man is accursed by God. Jesus was not the only son of God read JOB 1:6-7 says Satan was among the sons of God, EXODUS 4:22 says Israel was also son of God, Psalm 2:7 says David was also son of God, psalm 68:5 says god Is the father of all fatherless. So how is Jesus the only son of God even the bible says in HEBREW 1:16 that God gave the world is first born then please read JEREMIAH 31:9 says JEREMIAH is also the first born dear reader please tell me how many first born can a father have?. HEBREW 5:7 says that in the days of his flesh Jesus offered supplication and cried to his lord and was saved from death because of fear, can u see he was never killed but if u not convinced yet read PSALM 116:1-19 Jesus also cried in that verse to is God then if he cried to is father for help how is he and his father one? MARK 14:34-36 say that Jesus said my soul might be sorrowful even to death remain here and watch. Read JOHN 5:30 says ” I can not do anything on my authority as I hear I judge and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who as sent me” this verse shows clearly that Jesus was sent by God and he is never god. Have u read LUKE 19:29-35 and MATHEW 12:1 this verse say that Jesus encourage stealing pls read this verses very well because I would like to see what u gonna say about that. Jesus was said to be the truth the way and the life in JOHN 14:6 but read ACT 10:35 says that ” truly I perceived that God shows no partiality but in every nation any one who fears and does what is right is acceptable to him” and 1st SAMUEL 2:30 says ” for those who honor me shall be honored and those who despise me shall be lightly esteemed” this verses show that even if u are righteous u will enter heaven and if u kill human knowing it is not good u will surely be punished in which Jesus can never save. The Christians say Jesus is the way are they telling me that modes who brought the commandment of God is not the way?, is Noah who preached for 950 years not the way?, is mohammad who was haunted by the kafir not the way?, is David also not the way?!!! All the prophet sent by God are the way and the truth because they did not come to lead us astray but to guide us to heaven same as Jesus. The so called Jesus Paul created for the Christians in MATHEW 23:17 Jesus says ” you blind fools” and LUKE 11:40 jesus says ”you fools” and LUKE 24:50 Jesus said ” you foolish man” but read MATHEW 5:22 says that ” whosoever says u fools shall be liable to hell” so my question is that is jesus also going to he’ll? Lolz that is hilarious but is written in the bible though. Read JOHN 9:39 says jesus came to blind those who see, MATHEW 13:12 says jesus didn’t come to bring peace, EKSODUS 4:16 claim that moses was god for Aarons, JOHN 10:34 says that man are gods, blasphemy there is no any other god except from the god whom jesus bow is head to, except the god moses, mohammad, Muslims, Solomon, David, Abraham bow their head to because he begot nor is HE begotten there is no one like HIM. The bible is fake, it is rumour and as a lot of aspersions because it was written by Paul who abandon the doctrine of jesus and wrote is own will read HEBREW 6:1 u will see clearly that Paul wrote is heart desire and abandon jesus doctrine. I have more to say but I want to go pray first

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